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Personalized and secure wellness profile, at your convenience.

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Your wellbeing history is now stored on a single screen. A complete and detailed timeline of visits, treatments and specialist assessments that keeps track of your appointments and progress wherever you go with your Wellmonde profile available everywhere you travel.


With Wellmonde you can store information about your treatments and procedures safely in the cloud, without worries on information being lost or stolen, and decide which data you share with whom.


More details - better services. Wellmonde's customer profile allows you to keep track of any health conditions and stores all the information on your treatments and custom recommendations from therapists, so it's on hand to better serve you in the future.


Stay in charge of your wellbeing. Request an appointment, receive notifications and reminders about upcoming treatments, rate the overall experience (the procedure and aftereffects) as well as information from the brands and salons.


Ask the questions and let the professionals provide the answers. With our built in Wellmonde chat, specialists will be able to answer your questions directly on everything concerning treatments, products or even post-procedure home care. Make sure you’re getting the best services available out there and express your opinion through our rating and feedback system.

News & Trends

Connect with brands & professionals! Based on your preferences and treatment history access more useful information on treatments, products, and industry news and bring your wellness experience to a whole new level.