About Us

During recent years we have witnessed industries rapidly reshaping as a result of adopting new technologies and more modern approaches. Some industries, however, like wellness, have been slower to innovate despite having more than 300 million customers worldwide and growing constantly.

As wellness professionals, throughout our careers we’ve come across many practices that needed improvement or which could be made easier through the help of technology. So we analyzed the needs of all wellness stakeholders including customers, therapists, salons, and brands and the conclusion was clear. The missing piece of the puzzle for all of them was the lack of a detailed or complete record of treatments that could be used to track and measure a clients progress over time.

Driven by the desire to make treatment more efficient and to improve customer care, we went to work and are now proud to introduce Wellmonde - the first and only provider of your personal Wellness Profile. A single system with multiple interfaces, the solution was designed as a unique meeting point for all those interested in keeping track of and improving their wellbeing, and, it's available worldwide.

Accuracy, privacy and personal care - now all of these features can travel with you wherever you may go. Enjoy living well, enjoy Wellmonde.

Mare Kuruson

A Word From CEO

Mare Kuruson

From my very first day as a beauty therapist, I started making notes about my customers' skin conditions, details on the treatments that I provided, and the products that I used and recommended. In 20 years of practice, I gained a loyal following of satisfied customers because I kept detailed and accurate treatment records in order to provide the best services. Over time, though, the paperwork built up and became bulky and time consuming to deal with . Probably, this situation is familiar to most therapists in the wellness industry.

This experience brought me to the idea of creating Wellmonde. Now, I can store all the valuable information I need in Wellmonde's secure cloud so that it's easily and quickly available for every client. I am very happy to be able to now share Wellmonde with my colleagues by making it available not only for customers and therapists, but also for brands and salons around the world.

Legal Information

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