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Wellmonde gives you a platform to get more information on how your different treatments and products are working

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As the wellness industry is getting more digital, Wellmonde offers you an easy-to-use, easy-to-adopt platform to understand how your products and treatments are working.

You can use this information to shape your brand's future and decide on the next product lines and you'll have a better understanding on the top-performing spas and salons


More Information

Information is key

It helps to attract repeat business, if you personalise services by using data about clients; suggesting treatments that match their concerns and giving recommendations based on your knowledge.

Anonymous Data

Protected information

You'll receive information that is according to the newest EU Data Protection laws. Private client information is turned into anonomyous data, that helps you with real market research.


Show Products

Send out promotions

Your products and treatments will be more visible to the specialists at your affiliated spas and salons and announcing new products has never been easier.

Understand Spa Visitors

Each customer tells a story

What works for one client, might not work for the other. However, you'll receive bulk data that has been turned into statistics and can understand better, what products are needed.


Build Better Relationships

A shared information platform

It is easier to understand, what your salons, spas and specialists need from your brand. You can reward salons, that are doing exceptionally well with your treatments and products and you'll share a common information platform.

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