The new wellness experience is coming this fall

Brand Interface

Your credible channel of communication and verified data.

Brand Profile

Real brand showcase with editable profile that contains full information on points of sales, newest product catalogues, list of treatments, video tutorials, available certifications, and more.

Closer Connection

With Wellmonde brands get to better know and connect with their users. Now professional brands can establish better communication with specialists and salons that are using their products, raise loyalty among people, who use their products at home and deepen insights on the wellness industry.


Based on your product use, receive comprehensive statistics, customer behavior insights, relevant data on popular treatments and products, including reviews, ratings, and numbers on product use.


Make friends with your customers. With Wellmonde, brands can post guides on home care and other special treatments that will keep them closer to wellbeing followers. Share your knowledge with leading therapist via tutorials, know-hows and latest news from laboratories.