The new wellness experience is coming this fall

Specialists Interface

Personal solution for providing better services and professional growth.

Specialist Profile

Make sure clients know about your skills, knowledge and industry expertise. Thanks to Wellmonde, now all your certifications can be uploaded and made available for the public to see.

Professional Digital Solution

Introducing digital solution, inspired and brought up to you by professionals to cover all your needs. With Wellmonde, cut out the messy paperwork and keep track of your clients wellness history. Fill in the treatment protocols, product and care recommendations and all the details will be stored in the customer’s profile.

Connection with Customer

Get to know your client before the appointment. Wellmonde enables access to the customer’s profile so you can guarantee your clients the best experience, based on their history and preferences. Maintain your relationship even better by consulting and answering questions online.


Work smart. Plan your working hours and evaluate the workload afterwards - days of week, morning or evening, and all the procedures undertaken. Know your strengths, work on weaknesses - by analyzing your reputation and customer’s feedbacks set the solid platform for constant improvement.

Progress & Support

Grow your inner pro. Get quick access to all the latest news on certifications, products and methods directly from brands and wellness gurus.
Helping hand. All the details on treatments, the specific products used, and the continuity of procedures.

Salon Interface

Solution that puts you on a map and builds strong connections with customers, specialists and brands.

Salon Profile

Open your business to the world. Get more clients to know your location, services and specialization, the products you use and the quality of your services.


Cooperation is more than just supply-demand routine. Get a direct connection to industry brands, be the first one to know the major news, updates, catalogues, and more.


Keep track of your pack. Accept appointment requests, set and manage dates, schedule treatments and contact users to remind them.


Build better relationships with your employees. Analyze specialists profiles and feedback to have better vision on their proficiency and motivation. Optimize bookings and fill in open slots in specialists’ schedules to better manage their workload.

Customer Satisfaction

Use Wellmonde to create your own customer list with access to user profiles and individual requirements (upon consent), feedback acquisition and the ability to respond directly.