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Happier clients

You'll receive valuable information on products, treatments and how your specialists are performing and can store this information in a safe and reliable system

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Safely store valuable information

Wellmonde allows you to store valuable information in a safe way and make smarter decisions.

You'll find benefits all around and you can offer a better service for your clients, help your specialists and stay connected with your affiliated brands.


Offer Better Service

Have a better overview

Wellmonde helps your clients save time in filling in paperwork and it enables your specialists to give more personalised care.

Safe Storage

Well-protected information

You can now store your client information according to the newest EU Data Protection laws in a safe and reliable system.


Save Time

Innovative digital profiles

Instead of paper files, you're clients can easily fill in a one-time form, where they share their allergy information and treatment habits. Treatments done by your specialists will automatically go on that form.

More Information

One-stop solution

You'll know what treatments and products help your clients the most, how you're specialists are doing and what product orders to send out next.


Stay Connected

Long-lasting relationships

You'll help your affiliated brands with product and treatment research and can point to actionable information.

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