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Simplify your customer care

Who likes paperwork? Even more, repeated paperwork? You won't find many people who do, so instead you can use a safe and reliable service that replaces repeated paperwork with digital profiles.

Wellmonde helps you to stay connected with your customers and build long-lasting client relationships. You'll have a better understanding of your client needs and an open communication channel.


Receive Feedback

Generate trust

Your clients can give you feedback and you have an open communication channel to reply.

Client History

Offer personalised care

You can receive permission to see client information and better know what products to use and what works best.


Treatment Info

See previous treatments

See the client treatment history and act accordingly. You can also recommend treatments and set new appointments with your long-lasting customers.

Save Time

Avoid paperwork

Wellmonde profiles help you avoid asking client to fill in paperwork and coming up with a reliable storage system.


Offer Better Service

Information is key

You have access to new products and treatments and you know what your customers need to help them glow! You'll notice that more and more customers will starting coming back.

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